Anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids in bodybuilding

Anabolic steroids in bodybuildingAnabolic steroids are preparations of a special pharmacological direction, in which the action of the sexual male hormone, namely testosterone, is strongly pronounced. Such drugs are in great demand among modern athletes regardless of the chosen sport. If it is necessary to multiply power indicators, increase muscle mass and get a chic muscular relief, then it is expedient to use such preparations.

Description of anabolic steroids

In today’s market, you can find a huge selection of anabolic steroids. This fact is a consequence of the mass use of such drugs in sports. And as you know, if there is demand, then there is a proposal. In order for the drugs to bring only benefit and delight in the period of taking the course results, it is necessary to take care of their proper use. Remember that the course of taking steroids should not exceed 8 weeks. It is very important during the course of admission to correctly combine injectable and oral medications.

There are steroids in which there is a pronounced anabolic effect:

  •    – Primobolan
  •    – a deck of durabolines
  •    – turinball
  •    – methanabol
  •    – methandrostenalone
  •    – danabol

It is also possible to identify drugs that have a strongly pronounced androgenic effect:

  •    – propionate
  •    – cypionate
  •    – enanthate
  •    – Sustanon-250

There are drugs with a mixed effect, both androgenic, and anabolic:

  •    – parabolan
  •    – Tritrenolone
  •    – trenbolone enanthate
  •    – trenbolone acetate

All kinds of anabolic steroids are used actively in bodybuilding, as there is constantly a huge increase in strength, muscle growth and fat burning.

The use of anabolic steroids

The use of anabolic steroidsThese drugs have two forms of injection and oral. Tablets are used twice a day, preferably after eating. The use of the drug is divided in order that the body constantly maintains the required amount of active substance. Due to the fact that the frequency of decay for all drugs is different, because it must be consumed twice a day. Duration of the course and dosage is determined individually, it all depends on the age, level of training, tasks assigned to the course Methane.

Anabolic steroids of the injection form (trenbolone, boldenone, primobolan, sustanon, nandrolone decanoate) are injected usually once a day before bedtime. In frequent cases, before opening the ampoule is heated in hands or in warm water to thirty-six degrees. The injection is inserted exclusively into the gluteus muscle. Note, not in the shoulders, not in the triceps, not in the biceps, but in the berry. This rule should be adhered to in order not to be observed in the future abscesses and other problems. This form of anabolics should be combined with oral medications, for a stronger and faster result. The duration of the course is calculated independently, taking into account all personal characteristics. But do not forget that the duration of the course should not exceed 8 weeks. This period is enough to get good muscle volumes and an increase in strength, exceeding this period, you just stop watching the constant growth. This is due to the addiction of the body to the drugs, for this they take a break. Similarly, a long and systematic intake of anabolic agents can cause various side effects.

Efficacy of anabolic therapy

  •    – For a short time interval there is a significant increase in muscle mass.
  •    – Significantly increase the strength indicators.
  •    – The time for recovery in the post-training period is significantly reduced.
  •    – Increased stamina when doing exercises.
  •    – Metabolism is accelerated, the entire subcutaneous fat layer is eliminated.
  •    – Bone tissue strengthens and increases.
  •    – After the injury, a rapid recovery is observed.

Reviews about anabolic steroids

To date, there are exceptionally positive reviews about this category of drugs. It is only necessary to know how to properly use and with which drugs you need to combine. A very large number of cases are known, when anabolics helped athletes to bring their body into an ideal form. This is due to the limitation of our human resources during the training period, and taking anabolic steroids will help to build self-confidence and add a lot of strength, Winstrol.

Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids

Side Effects of Anabolic SteroidsSide effects can only occur from misuse (overdose). This means that the side effects can arise from high dosages, or too long a course of use. If you are new to using steroids, consult a trainer or an experienced athlete for advice. Among the most popular distinguish such pobochki:

  •    – Irritability, depression.
  •    – Acne.
  •    – High blood pressure.
  •    – Aroma.
  •    – Gynecomastia.